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What to expect when going to work

Follow Ian during the day with his job at Bluestar Recyclers. Learn what it's like to go to work.

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Workforce Crowd


Average Length of Shift

Sensory Scale uses 1 - 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

Help protect the environment

Blue Star takes electronics, like TVS and computers, breaks them down and allows them to be recycled, keeping hazardous waste out of landfills and helping the planet stay healthy. It's a win - win!

A role for everyone

All positions at Blue Star Recyclers works towards the same mission, but vary in tasks. Employees might work with costumers, drive forklifts or disassemble electronics.

Who likes to dance?

After a good day of work it's great to celebrate. Blue Star is good at that ending each shift with a check in on the days accomplishments and a little dancing 🙂

Great place to meet friends

Working at Blue Star is a lot fun. It is a great way to meet new people and work as a team to help the planet.


Employees earn money, help the planet and have fun! Check out the website for open positions. Interviews are customized to best suit each applicant.

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Never taken a computer apart? No problem. Blue Star helps new employees learn all they need to know to be successful at work.

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