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What to expect at the Children's Museum of Phoenix

The Children's Museum of Phoenix is dedicated to offering opportunities for kids of all abilities to play, explore, and learn in an inclusive environment. 

Whether you're looking for autism-friendly activities for kids or fun for the whole family, the Children's Museum of Phoenix and Pal Experiences have the right resources for you.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix offers three levels of hands-on, interactive exhibits for children ages birth to 10. The museum focuses on learning through play, with emphasis on early childhood education and school-readiness.

Things to consider


Loudness level


Amount of walking


Crowd level


Average length in hours

Whether your kiddo is on the autism spectrum, needs extra support in managing anxiety, or has intellectual or developmental disabilities, the Pal Video uses video modeling to show them what to expect at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. For additional tools, click "Go" at the bottom of the page to check out our Pal Guide.

Reasons to go

Something for everyone
Shopping for carrots in the mini grocery store, navigating a noodle forest or creating a masterpiece in sound or crayon, the museum has something for everyone.

Great on a hot day
Plenty of climbing, riding and building in the cool indoors to get active in the summer!

Cozy nooks for breaks
After adventuring in the Climber, the Book Loft is a great spot to take a break and cozy up for a good story.

Bring your own food and/or drinks
Guests are welcome to bring their own food or beverages to eat in designated areas. Hot beverages are not allowed, and cold drinks should be in a plastic container with a secure, screw-top lid.

Ready to play at the Museum?

Click "Go" to access our mobile-friendly Pal Guide, featuring a picture exchange communication system, video priming for key steps of the experience, and logistical support. It should be a helpful tool to use at the Museum. Have fun!