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What to expect on an Orange Torpedo rafting trip

Follow Rowan and Scout as their family enjoys a day on the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips. River rafting can be a fun, kid-friendly adventure. Watch to see if it's right for you and plan your trip with OTT!

Insider Tips
Know when and where to go, plus how to prepare

Loudness Level


Amount of Walking


Crowd Level


Average Length in Hours

Sensory Scale uses 1 - 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

Book a kid-friendly trip

Some splashes but not too scary - OTT offers half-day trips on the Rogue River that are perfect for kids. Contact them for details.

OK to bring your own food

Picky eaters? Let OTT know you'll be bringing your own lunch or snacks for your child.

Enjoy the shop's outdoor area

The shop can get crowded in the morning when lots of trips are leaving, but OTT has a nice outdoor area to chill.

Call with accommodation requests

OTT staff are dedicated to going above and beyond for rafters of all abilities. Contact them directly with any questions, concerns or requests.

Avoid stress by arriving early

Get to the shop early to have time to try on gear, use the bathroom, and ask any last-minute questions.

Headphones OK for van ride

If your kiddo is sensitive to noise, it may help to bring headphones for van ride as it can be loud with other excited passengers talking.

Digital Guide
For communication and step-by-step support