Video Tour
Showing you what to expect at a Phoenix Mercury game

The Mercury Pal Video follows Logan as he and his family enjoy a WNBA basketball game. Watch with your family to show your kiddos what to expect, talk about any concerns, and plan around any potential sensory sensitivities.

Insider Tips
Know when and where to go, plus how to prepare

Loudness Level


Amount of Walking


Crowd Level


Average Length

Sensory Scale uses 1 - 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

Off-peak games

The Mercury season starts in May. Check back with us in April for discounts to games that tend to be less crowded.

Access to great seats

Mercury games are a fantastic opportunity to watch the players in action from the lower level of the arena.

Cool in the summer

It's always super cool to support your local WNBA team, and the air-conditioned arena feels nice and refreshing on a hot summer day.

No need to be quiet

Mercury fans LOVE to cheer! Feel free to express your joy and excitement at the game.

Action-packed entertainment

Mercury games have plenty of action on and off the court with dancers, the mascot Scorch, games, and a halftime show.

Stay til the end to run on the court

At the end of each Mercury home game, fans get to run on the court for a few minutes!

Digital Guide
For communication and getting around