Pal’s JSX video eliminates surprise elements for traveling families impacted by IDD

Pal Experiences, the nonprofit dedicated to helping businesses become more inclusive & accessible for those with developmental disabilities, is pleased to announce a Pal Place partnership with JSX—the revolutionary hop-on jet service leading the way for simple, fast, and inclusive air travel. The often-hectic atmosphere of flying already comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially for those with developmental disabilities–with exception of JSX—a champion for inclusivity and simplifying the travel experience for those with various needs. Through a partnership with JSX, Pal Experiences has created an instructional resource video, which helps families impacted by intellectual, developmental, and sensory disabilities glean a sense of the JSX travel process, from arrival to departure. With the new resource, there are no surprise elements to encounter while flying via JSX.  

Pal Places are businesses that provide ‘know before you go’ resources to make their service inclusive, accessible, and supportive to the disability community. JSX’s Pal Place video covers what to expect upon arrival, things to know, checking in, boarding, flying, landing, and leaving the airport. The Pal Place guide also provides insider tips about booking, scheduling a ‘practice run’, flying with service animals, and more.

All JSX Crew members—from pilots to flight attendants and customer service agents—are trained to support passengers with autism and other disabilities. From flying between private hangars, on 30-seat jets, passengers are able to bypass crowds and long lines at security and board just 20 minutes before departure, eliminating long dwell times before boarding. JSX also features accommodations including private rooms to allow for quiet time, as well as ear plugs and outlets at every passenger seat.  As a champion for inclusion in the autism community, JSX is the world’s first autism certified air carrier with extensive training & protocols.

Aviation industry veteran, JSX CEO Alex Wilcox was on a business trip a few years back when he encountered a family with a child on the autism spectrum. The child was so distraught by the sights, sounds, and overall airport experience that it was impossible for the family to board the plane. He felt strongly he could do something about this at JSX and has worked diligently to create an atmosphere dedicated to empowering Crewmembers with extensive autism awareness training and protocols—which were developed in collaboration with travel industry experts at Autism Double-Checked. These processes and protocols are an extension of the hop-on, crowd-free jet service’s mission to provide Joyfully Simple eXperiential air travel to all customers

“It was personally very important to me to ensure that JSX is inclusive and catered to those with special needs. The air travel experience is often cumbersome, and I knew that we could offer an alternative form of flying that was more inclusive and simplified,states Wilcox. “Our distinctive form of flying eliminates the hassles and headaches associated with congested airports, irksome middle seats, and long TSA lines that can be overwhelming for those on the spectrum, and we have made every effort to ensure everyone feels comfortable when flying with us. This partnership with Pal Place was the natural next step for our company to continue innovating our autism protocols.”

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