Blue Star Recyclers, a Colorado-based electronics recycling company that employs nearly 50 adults with autism, joined forces with Partners to Assist in Learning (Pal) to create a video social story showing what it's like to work at Blue Star. 

The video follows the same formula Pal has used to help visitors prepare for sporting events, museums, and other activities, but this is the first time they've applied that formula to help adults with autism prepare for a day at work.

 "To us, Blue Star was the ideal partner to collaborate with on this pilot project," said Pal CEO Adam Isaacs. "Their growth is a fantastic example of the value that individuals with autism can add to a workplace, and we really wanted to showcase what those employees can do."

Blue Star Recyclers started in Colorado Springs in 2009, and now has facilities in Denver and Boulder. They are gearing up for national expansion and are in the process of determining where they will go next.

The Pal Video shows what it's like to work at Blue Star by following Ian, a production lead, on a typical day at work. The video offers insight into the Blue Star culture and work environment, while explaining what it takes to succeed as an employee and showing the variety of responsibilities available to employees. 

Blue Star will use the Pal Video to recruit, train and retain more employees as they grow in Colorado and beyond.

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