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Pal Experiences is a nonprofit dedicated to making places more accessible and inclusive for guests living with developmental disabilities.

From the urgent care to the aquarium to an NBA game, your community is ready to explore.

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Families with disabilities are more likely to go out into the community if they know what to expect.

Just as a ramp helps someone who moves differently, Pal helps people who think differently.

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“Before our partnership with Pal we had families come in that had a very challenging experience. They could not complete their journey, due to the sounds, due to the smells. After our partnership with Pal not only do they return, they have annual passes and come in on a weekly basis.”

Jake Hustead – OdySea Aquarium Manager Guest Relations

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Pal Experiences’ digital tools inspire confidence in adventurers to explore everyday places throughout their community.

Explore with confidence using these Pal tools.

1 in 44 children in the US is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and 1 in 6 children has a developmental disability.
Pal exists to create access and inclusion to ensure everyone’s experience needs can be supported in
public venues. 

So that everyone gets to go! 

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Plan with insider tips & sensory scales
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