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Pal is a nonprofit dedicated to making places more accessible and inclusive for guests living with developmental disabilities.

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The next level of accessibility

Just like a ramp helps someone who moves differently, Pal helps those guests who think differently.

For individuals with developmental disabilities, like autism, going out can be overwhelming. In fact, 70% of families impacted by autism say they feel socially isolated. This negatively affects their lives, your business, and our community.

Pal Experiences changes this by creating custom digital tools based on behavioral science, that support families when visiting your place, reducing isolation, promoting you as an inclusive destination, and making a strong community where everyone gets to go.

young girl with down syndrome holds a guitar while sitting next to her brother who is playing a guitar

1 in 6 children have a
developmental disability

“Phoenix Mercury games are a blast and really are for everyone in the Valley. Pal’s video and guide not only help us get that message out, but they also offer valuable preparation opportunities and visual support to make our games even more accessible for fans of all abilities.”

Rodney Scearce, Community Relations Manager with the Phoenix Mercury and Phoenix Suns

women basketball player lays up a basketball just under the hoop, arizona mercury players

How we create
your Pal Program!

No hammers here! Our tools are digital and require no changes to your space. The accommodation is showing what to expect.

Steps to becoming a Pal Place: site visit, pal video, pal guide, and pal place

How you benefit by
becoming a Pal Place

  • Custom Pal Tools showcase the experience you provide

  • All tools are created with evidence-based best practices in behavioral therapy, but use Universal Design, making them an asset to any guest who likes to know what to expect

  •  No hammers! The accommodation is showing what to expect. We won’t ask you to change a thing

  •  Educate staff on how to be the best to every guest – each Pal Place gets training on how to use the Pal tools to make every guest feel included and supported

  • Celebrate! After Pal completes your tools we celebrate with cause marketing directed towards families with disabilities that will be eager to visit

  •  Grant and donors – Pal is a 501c3, funding for our program can come from grants or your network of donors – chances are someone who supports your work will care about creating inclusion for all.
elephant standing facing the viewer

“Inclusion and accessibility are core values to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo because we strive to be a zoo for everyone. This partnership is so exciting because it allows us to offer tangible tools to families and kids in our community to enjoy the Zoo and further our mission to educate people about the natural world,” said Dean Watanabe, Chief Conservation Education Officer.

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