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Video Tour
Showing you what to expect at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game

The D-backs Pal Video follows a boy with autism and his family as they enjoy a Major League Baseball game. Watch with your family to show your kiddos what to expect, talk about any concerns, and plan around any potential sensory sensitivities.

Insider Tips
Know when and where to go, plus how to prepare

Loudness Level


Walking Level


Crowd Level


Length in Hours

Sensory Scale uses 1 - 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

Play in the Sandlot

If you're tired of sitting, check out The Sandlot play area near Section 332. Details and age / height limits can be found on the D-backs website.

Cheering encouraged!

Feel free to yell when your D-backs make a great play with the bat or in the field.

Keeping score is fun!

If your kiddo likes numbers and staying organized, they might have fun keeping score of the game. Visit Guest Relations for a paper scorecard and pencil.

Slower pace than other sports

Compared with other sporting events, baseball tends to be a slower pace and somewhat quieter and more relaxed.

Affordable food and BYO options

The D-backs offer value item pricing on several food and drink options, plus certain sealed beverages and food items can be brought in. Check the D-backs website for details.

Off-peak games

The season starts in early April. Check back in March for discounts to less crowded, family-friendly games.

Digital Guide
For communication and getting around