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We take evidence-based best practices and principles from applied behavioral analysis and put those tools out into the community through Pal's interactive website. Our process lets individuals prepare and explore at their own pace while helping our venue partners provide more inclusive customer experiences.


Get the facts you need

Pal Video

Video modeling shows what to expect

Pal Guide

Assistive communication and logistical support


Tell us about your experiences!


Our "What to Expect" pages include all the details you need to plan and discover whether the experience is right for you.

Find out when it's crowded and when it's not

Identify potential sensory pain points

Check out deals and special events

Pal Video

Our custom Pal Videos follow an individual through a typical experience at each venue, modeling appropriate behavior and showing what to expect.

Our behavior chaining approach breaks each experience down into more manageable tasks

Specific sensory elements are highlighted and explained to provide reassurance

Watch each video as many times as you need to prepare

Pal Guide

Each Pal Place offers an interactive, mobile-friendly Pal Guide for support along the way.

Our step-by-step approach allows for positive reinforcement after each step in the journey

Communicate wants, needs, and emotions with our built-in picture exchange communication system

Find quiet spaces, restrooms, and staff support with the click of a button.


By telling us what you did and didn't like about each experience, we can improve our tools and help our venue partners offer even more inclusive customer service.

If you had a positive experience, share your story so everyone knows the benefits of inclusion

Let us know about sensory elements that other guests should be aware of

Stay engaged to access special offers and events

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